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Aircraft Purchase Assistance

A wish to have a private plane is not a pie in the sky any more and becomes a necessary condition for efficient business. But purchase of a plane is a long-term and complicated process. Turn to the experts! We render the following services:
  • selection of aircraft compliant with your personal requirements, selection of registration;
  • calculation of aircraft operation economic efficiency;
  • complete transaction support, aircraft acceptance;
  • aircraft registration and insurance;
  • aircraft management;
  • staff recruitment and other.
We will make your aspiration to have a private business jet a reality in the shortest possible time.
Для заказа рейса выберите удобную для Вас форму:
позвонив по телефону +7(495) 720 39 59 или +7(495) 722 56 26,
по электронной почте sales@aerosphere.ru или заполнив on-line заявку на нашем сайте